Emma Lee Toyoda performs at the EMP. (Photo by Alia Marsha)

Seattle’s Smartest Global Women: Emma Lee Toyoda

Tired of waiting for role model in indie folk, a young Japanese American musician claims her stage.


Categories: Arts & Culture, Globalist Youth, Music

Darius Presley participates in the Youth Speaks Seattle Grand Slam Competition in April. (Photo by Travis Thompson.)

Voicing truths through poetry at Youth Speaks Seattle

The points are not the point at the Youth Speaks Seattle Grand Slam competition. The point is the poetry. And community.


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(Photo from "Desert Dancer" Facebook)

‘Desert Dancer’ film’s Western bias denies audiences a more accurate view of Iran

Do “Desert Dancer” producers equate “positive” with depicting Iranians as Westerners?


Categories: Arts & Culture, Perspectives, Politics

Sahra Farah, Director of Somali Community Services of Seattle. (Photo by Jama Abdirahman)

Seattle’s Smartest Global Women: Sahra Farah

A Somali American pioneer challenges her community


Categories: Featured, Globalist Youth, Immigration, Service

A BoltBus driver loads luggage into the bottom of a bus in Seattle. (Photo by Holly Thorpe)

BoltBus makes travel cheap, but is it cheapening travel?

No car? No cash? No problem. With the advent of cheap, “alternative” travel, crossing the border is easier than ever. But are transport services like BoltBus cheapening the experience of traveling “meaningfully?”


Categories: Perspectives, Travel

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