Candidates take on startling dearth of diversity in State Legislature

The wall of old signs inside of Thompson Signs' warehouse serves as a visual reminder of the mostly white, male political candidates in the northwest. (Photo by Lucas Anderson / UW Election Eye)

(Photo by Lucas Anderson / UW Election Eye)

Our region is growing fast. And as it does, demographics in Washington are quickly evolving. Census data from 2013 reveals that racial and ethnic minorities are now increasing faster than the white population.

Weaving through Beacon Hill — in Washington state’s 37th Legislative District — this growth and diversity is clearly evident. A bystander can hear Hindi, Mandarin and French, all while standing in line to buy a tasty pupusa made by the recently naturalized Salvadoran food vendor.

But so far, representation in our state legislature is failing to keep up with these demographic changes. That same Salvadoran gentleman has only an eight percent chance of being represented by a state legislator of color, not to mention only a three percent chance that his representative is of Hispanic heritage.


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(Photo from Flickr by Alan Cleaver)

Ten tips for foreign drivers in Seattle

Seattle’s notoriously polite driving culture can pose a real challenge for drivers from other countries. Here are some tips to help.


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Gabriel Teodros shares the mic with a young fan. (Photo by Aida Solomon)

In-depth: Globalist apprentices explore Ethiopian-American identity, shellfish contamination

Gabriel Teodros shares the mic with a young fan. (Photo by Aida Solomon)

From Aida Solomon’s series, “I am Ethiopia,” Gabriel Teodros shares the mic with a young fan. (Photo by Aida Solomon)

After a year of developing skills in writing, photography, video/audio and reporting for The Seattle Globalist, our youth apprentices are proud to share the following projects with you.

These in-depth pieces were dreamed up, designed and reported by each apprentice on a topic they are passionate about. Now equipped with some serious reporting skills, we know these young storytellers will continue to make incredible works of journalism.


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Demonstration for Gaza in Coimbatore, India. (Photo by Welfare Party via Flickr)

Seattle stands up for justice in Gaza

As a Palestinian living in the U.S., and as a human watching yet another massacre occur within miles of my place of birth, I can’t help but feel paralyzed, powerless and most frustratingly, helpless.


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Contingent from Tacoma SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) at anti-war rally, Judkins Park, Seattle, Washington, 27 October 2007. (Photo by Joe Mabel via Wikipedia)

How to prove the government is spying on you

How a Joint Base Lewis-McChord Force Protection Officer infiltrated a peaceful political group… and got away with it.


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