A bilingual classroom at Scenic Hill Elementary, in the Kent School District. (Photo courtesy OneAmerica)

Why teachers must reflect student diversity

A new pilot program in South King County will fast track bilingual educators from diverse backgrounds to the front of classrooms filled with immigrants and youth of color.


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Hamda Yusuf, a third-year international studies major who is Somali American, often works on her poetry about identity at the Quad on the University of Washington campus. (Photo by Lindsey Wasson / The Seattle Times)

Borders collapse in voices of young poets

A growing cohort of immigrant poets gives a universal spin to Northwest themes.


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Jocelyn (Joys) Morenno leads a Zumba class in Veracruz, Mexico. (Photo from ZumbaMexico)

For travelers, Zumba is a chance to dance with the locals

From Mexico to Moscow, the Latin-music-based fitness program Zumba has danced it's way to a global empire.


Categories: Columnists, Health, Travel

Horse head fiddle player and throat singer Davaazorig Altangerel performs as part of Mongolian orchestra Agra Bileg at Town Hall last Friday. (Photo by Aida Solomon)

Mongolian jazz kicks off Town Hall’s “Global Rhythms” series

Tejano rock, Hawaiian chanting, and Mongolian jazz all come to Seattle as part of a world music concert series at Town Hall.


Categories: Arts & Culture, Music


Mainstreaming climate change in the Pacific Islands

As world leaders debate climate change in New York, Fiji and other Pacific Islands are feeling the impacts first hand.


Categories: Aid and Development, Environment, Featured, Perspectives

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