Kindergarten Students at the French American School of Puget Sound, on Mercer Island, which has been offering bilingual education in French for almost 20 years. (Photo coutesy FASPS)

World-wise Northwest parents drive demand for bilingual preschools

From French to Spanish, Mandarin to Vietnamese, bilingual preschools are popping up all over the Seattle area. And they're not just popular with families with foreign roots.


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A guard at the Red Security Building in Sulaimaniyah, Iraq, the headquarters of the Iraqi Intelligence Service under Saddam Hussein’s regime where many Kurds were imprisoned and tortured. (Photo by Alex Stonehill)

Why I’m resisting the urge to tune out news from Iraq

After years as a secular, stable, pro-American bastion, Iraq's Kurdish region is under serious threat and deserves our help.


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Bread prepared for a workshop at The Grain Gathering. (Photo by Anna Goren)

At celebration of Washington wheat, author urges global food consciousness

Bread lovers of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but your grains.


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Lee Robinson shows off freshly roasted beans from the Ometepe Island in Nicaragua. (Photo by Hannah Myrick)

Grassroots coffee company bonds Bainbridge Island with Nicaragua

What started as a Reagan-era political protest has grown into a thirty year relationship driven by the Northwest's love of coffee.


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Why block the boat? Resistance from Ferguson to Palestine to the Philippines

Northwest activists are attempting to block an Israeli shipping company from unloading at Puget Sound ports in order to put a dent in the dollars funding Israel's military actions in Gaza.


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